Are you DONE with feeling sick and tired all the time?  Have you been diagnosed with Hashimoto's or feel you might have a thyroid condition?  Or, maybe you HAVE NO CLUE what's going on but you DO want to feel good again in your body, have more energy, and just feel NORMAL?  Do you even remember what NORMAL feels like?  


Let's get Real.  


Real means making a choice that empowers you.  Real is working toward becoming the healthiest, most inspired, most joyful and authentic version of YOU.  ALL of YOU.  Not just your thyroid. Real means uncovering, resurfacing and fully realizing the person you are meant to be.


WHY?  So you can finally love every freaking little piece of yourself.  Be compassionate with you.  Fall in love with you. Feel good. See yourself as you are -- a uniquely beautiful, extraordinary woman who matters a whole d@%n lot.


How?  It's simple.  I give you the guidance, the support, the system, the accountability, and the inspiration you need. You give me the possibility of an open heart and mind.


Because to become healthy -- especially with Hashi's (and hypothyroidism, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue..we'll figure you out) especially when you don't have answers but know you need a change, especially when you've lost YOU-- complete nourishment is KEY. This means nourishing ALL of you, your body, mind, and Spirit. This means living, speaking, thinking and being REAL.


I help you unleash all that you are.

Seriously, the really good stuff.  


We got this, sister-mamas! You and me, together! So check out my story and why I want to work with YOU, and HOW my coaching is different.  Read about my 1:1 laser coaching programs (I'm focused on you, girlfriend, just you!), and absolutely join my tribe.  (It will soon feel like yours too!)


This is YOUR choice.  This is YOUR time.  These are YOUR people here.  All fired up and ready to be real.

"I'm proud to be a Hashimama...
if it hadn't been
for my diagnosis,
 I may never
have learned how
to take control
of my health and
my life."
Jenn Krusinski, CTNC
Holistic Health Coach & FPL Cert. Thyroid Coach

I Can Help You Especially if You Have:


Hashimoto's, GI issues that embarrass you, hair loss, anxiety, frustration, sadness, beat yourself up syndrome, brain fog, feelings of stuckishness, zero libido, dry skin, insomnia, poor body image, leaky gut, lack of self care, "bad hair", acne, stress,  disordered eating weight gain, no sense of self, crabby mama syndrome, low energy, no time, a puffy face, "chicken skin", lack of purpose...


just BE

good to you and the rest falls into place.  Really.

I will show you how.

These are some of the many

possible symptoms of


(well, except the "bad hair", that could just be me, but, hey, I  "get that"  too!) 

Let's just see if we can figure

you out!

Love Yourself Quote

"We do food much...more. We get to the heart of the matter, YOUR heart my dear.  
And when that heart breaks open, it doesn't hurt, it FLOWS.  And you can fall in love with
ALL that you are."
                          -- Jenn Krusinski, CTNC, FPL Certified Thyroid Coach

Are you Ready?

Let's get real and get back to YOU





Be mindful.  Eat real, whole, delicious, organic foods...mostly plants.  


Don't settle.  Be grateful.  Shine.  Cook more often.  Choose.  Live on purpose.  

Follow your curiosity.  Get real about what brings you down and what lights you up. Do more of that...what lights you up.  

Say NO!  Say YES!  Dream.  

Use your voice.  Allow.  Drink more water.  Be your best.  Breathe.  Begin, again.

 Don't try to be perfect.  Eat fat.  No scales.  No calorie counting.  No dogma.  

You are enough.  Relax.  Move.  Forgive. 

Be uniquely you.  

Connect to who you truly are, what you truly believe, and how you truly feel.

Connect to a community 

Connect to the energy that is within you and surrounds you

-- the energy connecting us all.  


Eat. Live. BE. Real.  

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