Let's talk Leaky Gut DETOX

(coming soon!)


Feeling overburdened?  Of course you are, sister.  


  • You have a crazy schedule with your family running in different directions,

  • demands for you and on you,

  • little time for relaxation and,

  • almost zero time for a sit-down-family-meal -- let alone a special date night, girls' night. or YOU night.  




Your life is overburdened and so are YOU...your body, mind, and spirit.  


You're spent!


And here's the thing, you want to feel better, right?  But, at this point, so much is out of whack that changing one thing can't correct all things.  But a Real, whole foods detox can be a great start!


When your schedule has you stressed out, your mind is cluttered and thoughts are constantly fragmented, your body is completely overburdened by not enough good to balance the "bad", and in no way is your Spirit feeling fulfilled either...ALL aspects of YOU need some proper care -- love and detox -- to get back to the REAL you.



the 6 Week

Eat Live Be Detox Protocol

for Leaky Gut support.


(Not sure you have a leaky gut?  Read on!)


This is for you if you have digestive issues.  Period.



Do you suffer from:



acid reflux


stomach cramps

loose stools





Do you know that these symptoms, even if you've had them your whole life, just aren't NORMAL?  


I know your sister/mother/girlfriend gets them too but trust me,  just because so many of these symptoms seem to be had by a lot of people we know, it's still not normal!  


Our guts aren't supposed to feel or act this way.  Not if the gut is healthy.  Unfortuantely, too many of us are overburdened and unhealthy just because of the world we live in.  

And, we end up with a leaky gut.


Those symptoms up there?  They are all signs of a leaky gut.


So are these symptoms:





(hello, Hashi's)

dry skin

achy joints


And these too:

brain fog






It's time!  Join me for a full body Eat Live Be Detox Protocol for leaky gut.


How does it work?  


You tell me who you want to be in 28 days, and I give you the plan.  You'll receive FIVE ebooklets to help you along. 


1.  Eat Live Be Leaky Gut Detox, Guide

2.  Meal Plan

3.  Real Food Recipes

4.  Just One Thing options (because sometimes it's hard to even imagine what to do for      you when you have not done it for a long, long time!)

5.  Daily Commute and Travel Tips (in other words, "Oh crap!  I've got carpool/meeting        and I'm starving with no healthy options!" tips.

6.  Online "Be" Journal



What about coaching?


Sister-Mama, I would not leave you hanging!  Coaching YOU is always my favorite thing.  


  • The program begins with our 1:1 coaching call to get you fully prepped.

  • We have unlimited email conversations throughout.

  • Mid-Cleanse, we have another call to check-in, talk about what's come up.

  • We end with a call where BOTH of us create your gameplan from here on out.



You will have more confidence in food selection,

no more food confusion!  


You will notice digestive issues dissapating, if not cleared.


Your sleep will improve, possibly like a recent client, who is sleeping better than she has in 30 years! 


You will feel lighter and BE lighter, with a more peaceful mind, and an easy spirit about you. 




THIS IS IT!  Just by reading this, you must be imagining a healthier, more energetic, clear minded and inspired you...right?  I promise you, that's STEP ONE, and it's an important one.

You've already BEGUN your transformation.  You're REAL YOU is closer now.  


Let me help you reach her.