Are you tired of being sick and exhausted and just want someone to help you get back to who you used to be?  Do you wonder why nobody seems to be listening to you?

I listen to ALL of YOU



When it comes to your thyroid, your wellness, who listens to you? Who...


  • helps you understand your labs?

  • acknowledges all of your symptoms -- even the ones that seem unrelated?

  • understands your feelings?

  • listens to your concerns?

  • unravels your history?

  • sees YOU?  Hears YOU? 




As a patient, the number one thing I was looking for was:

Someone who would LISTEN.


In my training, the most important teachings I learned were:


Listen to your client.  Step into her shoes.  See her potential.  Show her the steps.  Be her partner. 

Help her transform. 



Listen, I get it.  You are DONE!  If any of these symptoms are on your DONE list, then we should talk:


  • Done with mind-numbing fatigue, crazy sleep habits, and utter exhaustion

  • Done with weight gain

  • Done with bloating after every bite

  • Done with brain fog

  • Done with anxiety or panic attacks or just plain un-ease

  • Done with sadness or depression

  • Done with irritability and a "short fuse"

  • Done with hair loss and thinning eyebrows

  • Done with skin issues -- one day it's dry and scaly, the next it's acne!

  • Done with GI issues -- constipation, diarrhea, IBS, you name it!

  • Done with confusing information

  • Done with feeling alone because nobody understands

  • Done with feeling alone because you can't talk about it

  • Done with pretending, you just can't hide it anymore

  • Done, just done.  No more feeling like crap ALL. THE. TIME.

"Who is that?"

I HEAR you, sister-mama!  I have been there.  It took me TEN years to figure myself out.  I don't want you to have to go through what I did.


  • It's scary.  

  • You feel like you're losing yourself.  You look in the mirror and you're like,



  • You have such little motivation. 

  • And, it takes all you have to just keep things stabilized and "normal" in your family, your career, your home, your marriage, your social life -- when inside you're a complete mess and know that you just might crumble from one... last... straw.

Let me help you.  I work with clients holistically.  This means:


  • YES we follow nutritional protocols, that WORK


  • YES we incorporate supplements and herbs and oils -- if needed, when needed


  • YES we review labs and have conversations with your doctors -- OR I help you FIND a better one



AND, because your body needs so much more than optimal nutrition (though that's a huge piece!), because YOU are also your mind and your Spirit:



  • YES we create a space to express your thoughts and feelings


  • YES we develop a stronger, positive mindset


  • YES we find what lights you up and inspires you (it's there, I promise!)


  • YES we find tools to minimize stress


  • YES we find that connection with your heart, your spirit


  • YES we recognize how much you matter  -- did you hear that?  Should I say it louder?

And did I tell you?  Working together is meaningful and fun!


Our calls become something you look forward to, and so do I, because working together is a gift.  That's not just fluff, I mean it!  


I love helping you become who you are meant to be.  Helping you feel better.  Helping you see how empowered you can be. 


After working with me, you have the tools to move forward, create a better life, a life with:











You will be managing your Hashimoto's so it stops managing YOU!


I can't wait to get started with you.


Are you ready?



Ready to be ignited with a new energy?


Ready to see with a new perspective?


Ready to stand in your power and allow your body to heal?


Ready to be inspired and BEcome that inspiration

for those you love most? 


Ready for clarity, peace, and comfort in who you are?


Ready to release those wings and take flight?

What's My High Touch  &
 Deep Dive Program?

Twelve 60 minute  1:1 weekly calls

Unlimited Emails and Text

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Root Cause Deep Dive


Eating Real

End Food Confusion and Find What Feeds You

Liver Love & Thyroid Nourishment



Living Real

Custom Sleep, Movement, Stress & Self Care Strategies



Being Real

Belief Change and Emotional Release

Mindset Shifts

Connection to Spirit 

Begin to create your MORE Life




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Like the butterfly, the wondrous shape of your thyroid,

it is time to transform!

Love Yourself Quote

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit to the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

-- Maya Angelou