Have you found yourself at a crossroads?  Strategies that worked before are no longer serving you? Or, is there a situation causing you stress where you have no control and the flares are too hard to handle on your own?  Do you just find that having support helps you do better?  You are not alone!  You just need a reset sister-mama! Remember?  You're always just 1/2 breath away from getting back on track!


Managing My Hashimoto's so it STOPS Managing Me


Are you a Hashimama who just wants to get your life back?  

Want to feel good in and about your body?  It is possible!  

I see who you are, know what you're experiencing, and won't let it take you 10+ years to be better, like it took me!  

I will connect the dots for you.  

You want to feel, look and BE better?  You can do it. I'll show you how.


WE got this!



90 Days 
1:1  weekly coaching 

Unlimited email support
Ongoing lab reviews 
""Working with Your Doctor" 101 
Hashi Nourishment
Detox and Liver Love

Self Care 

Your Body...Healing

Your life...energized!



1:1 Transform 90

Revived, Body, Mind, & Spirit


You + Me,

90 days, 

food, energy, thoughts, ...transformed.   Will you feel better?  Uh-huh!  Will your energy increase and your moods lift?

 Yup!  Will you lose weight?

 Most definitely. Will you BE better?  You gottit.  This is the real deal.  Time to eat, live, be, real, sister-mamas! Welcome to your transformation!  





You + Me

DO we fit? Are you ready?


How to make YOU a priority within your busy lifestyle.  


How we set up conditions for inevitable success so follow-through becomes easy.


THIS is what to expect when we work together.  I hear you, I promise!


We get to the heart of the matter, YOUR heart my dear.  And when that heart breaks open, it doesn't hurt, it FLOWS.  And you can fall in love with ALL that you are.

 The REAL you.








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