August 10, 2019

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Last winter, on a dark morning when it was cold and dreary and I was dressed in what my husband calls my "Sherpa pajamas"  - layers of cami, thermal, sweats, fuzzy socks, ugg boots, and a big scarf (I kid you not I sleep like this)  -- I was M-A-D!


I did NOT want a smoothie.  I felt like a two-year-old in my mind, arguing with myself that I know I needed some fast nutrition to pick me up and start my day right, but I was COLD and CRABBY and couldn't even face the Vitamix without growling at it.  


As I begrudgingly took out my ingredients, I had an EPIPHANY!  I grabbed a pot and decided "Couldn't I make my smoothie HOT?"  I gave it a shot.


Frozen organic berries, creamy coconut milk, and chia seeds made their way into my pot on the stove.  Heating to just under boiling, the berries got nice and warm with maybe just a few still slightly cold inside. ( I later realized I didn't mind, the hot/cold berries just added a little surprise to each bite.)  I poured the berry mixture into a bowl and added a dollup of nut butter, some cacao nibs, maca powder, fresh banana, a sprinkle of raw coconut flakes, raw pumpkin seeds and another drizzle of coconut milk for that pure white lovliness.  


Ahhhhh!  I decided THIS is why I love my HOT Smoothies:


1)  Eating with a spoon is soothing.  As a former cereal and oatmeal girl (I'm now grain-free) I MISSED my morning bowl and spoon.  


2)  Sitting down to a bowl of goodness is relaxing.  I'll admit, many mornings with my green smoothies, I'll walk around the house drinking and doing.  This is ok when you're really rushed, I mean better to have slightly rushed nutrition than no nutrition.  But, truely, the act of sitting and enjoying my hot deliciousness was so relaxing -- so much better for morning digestion!


3)  Winter warmth. Period.


4)  Quiet.  Love my Vitamix, for sure.  But there are times when the loud whirring of it all is just so jarring and disrupting.  Especially on a still ,winter in Minnesota morning.


5)  Mindfulness.  From the first sound of the gas turning on, the flickering flame under the pot, watching the berry juice swirl with the milk, layering all kinds of nutrition one by one, appreciating the heat, the crunch, the pop of a cold strawberry center -- to me, this is pure delight.  It slows me down.  And I'm always grateful for that.


So, for those of you battling cold winter mornings, you are so very welcome!  Try a HOT smoothie of your own design.  See what ingredients you like best and slow down, warm up, and enjoy!