August 10, 2019

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Hormones Communicate -- They are Not "Just a Stage"


And those hormones are saying, "FEED ME!"


But first, I need to vent about my own misunderstanding of these miracle workers, hormones, and, "darn it", why "I wish I had only known"... 


For the majority of my life, "hormones" were "something you went through". 

Pre-teen Drama -- "Is she going through hormones early?" 
Teenage Behavior -- "It must be the hormones!" 
Adult Women/Entire Female Population -- "She's hormonal!" 
Older Women -- "She's going through the change...hormones!"

Once again, a complete misconception about my own body! And I know I'm not alone in this.


Yes, hormones are involved in the most obvious stages of life, especially for women -- puberty, menstruation, reproduction, and menopause. But, more importantly, they are involved in a myriad of chemical reactions that occur within our cells every second of our lives. Hormones, chemical messengers, travel through our blood to organs and tissues, attaching to receptor cells. They are responsible for growth, sexual function, metabolism, heart protection, brain function, reproduction, and mood. 


The thing is, everything must be aligned in order for theses messengers to do their job.  In order to even be manufactured, we need specific nutrition (think - plants*) AND it needs to be absorbed by our gut.   (For those eating the SAD and/or those with Leaky Gut, there will be issues!)


1)  So, we need a functioning, non-leaky gut to begin with.


2)  Moving on, the production occurs within our endocrine glands, which we also hope are functioning and not overburdened. (Yup, it gets complicated if you have Hashi's or Adrenal Fatigue.)


3)  Then, we need a functioning brain to tell our glands when to release these messengers, AND in specific amounts -- which, by the way, are very very small amounts, so even just the tiniest imbalance can cause "miscommunication".  


4)  Finally, we need our receptor cells to receive the hormonal signals.  Hello?  Anyone home?  But, if there are disruptors* in the way, blocking that reception, or mimicking our hormones -- disruptors like environmental toxins in our food, air, and water -- trouble abounds.


Take this very simplified chemical reaction and place it inside a body that doesn't sleep well, and we have a fire-storm...depression, anxiety, hair loss, insatiable hunger, infertility, acne... the symptoms are endless!  (By the way, symptoms are messengers too.  Are we listening???)

In a nutshell, hormones are not "just a stage",  so at least for our daughters' sakes and, hey, for ours too, let's stop talking about them this way.  Hormones are always working..for or against us..not just at "special stages".  And, most importantly, they are master messengers -- so let's give them the props they are due!  Unfortunately, like the game of Telephone, when one part of their messaging is off, the whole process breaks down.


No wonder, when we go through these stages that are so very CONNECTED to hormones -- when we may have too much hormone or are producing too little -- we feel like,

A) we can't even describe what's going on and

B) that nobody understands us.  

WE CAN'T COMMUNICATE.  Maybe this describes you?  So, take note...


Hmm, maybe it has to do with what's going on in there, what's being communicated, or not, on the inside.  (*For foods that help manufacture hormones, and a list of hormone disruptors click here!)



Love Yourself!





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