August 10, 2019

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Why Speaking Up Can Save Your Life


We are surrounded by energy.  And Everything is energy. (Quantum Physics)


The vibration of that energy rises, or falls, with our thoughts, words, actions. (Law of Attraction)


Chakras are centers of spinning energy within our bodies. (Ayurveda)


Expression.  The Fifth Chakra.  Located within the throat.  It is envisioned as blue energy.  

Left unactivated...suppressed...the energy sleeps.  




HMMMMMMMM....suppressed expression puts energy to sleep?



Is it a coincidence that our Thyroid gland is located within the Throat Chakra?   Is it a coincidence that many thyroid disease sufferers can say,


"I had a hard time speaking up."




"I find it hard to say, no."




"I have a hard time expressing my true feelings.




"I was the good girl, the person I was always expected to be ...but it drained me...or, it  wasn't always the real me."  



Suppressing our words, our expression, suppresses our 5th Chakra.  Is it a coincidence that our thyroid is suppressed as well?


This connection is not lost on me.  No way no how.  I spent a big old chunk of my life trying to live up to expectations, doing what others wanted me to, afraid to be different, not wanting to bring attention to myself, afraid to "step into my spotlight".  I have felt the throat, gut and heart ache of stifling my voice.  But now?  I have literally felt the healing power of speaking up and expressing the real me.  It has opened up my life and truly helped me heal.  The more I have expressed myself, the more vibrant I have become.  I have felt my life expand.  It's all energy.  And it's all a part of your healing journey.


Sister-mamas, you know, on my website, where I talk about breaking your heart open, as a client, and how your heart doesn't flows?   THIS is exactly what true expression feels like.  And, you've got to get there.  I hope you get there.  At least on your way, your path.  


No more living up to expectations that are not you.  No more quieting your laughter like a polite shrinking violet. (Do you know how many times I've been told not to laugh so loud?) "BAHAHAHAHA! Is what I say to that!"  



All that shrinking you are doing is making you sick.  I guarantee it.



It is time for you to be who you are meant to be.  And, you gotta speak out, express who you are, in order to BE HER.  The REAL you.


Holding myself back, now, feels like a clogged drain, like a traffic jam.  Sometimes it literally feels like hands around my throat.  My skin gets all prickly just thinking about it.  Speaking up, whether it's about my feelings, my fears, my compassion for others, my vision for the future, for the world; expressing myself through my words, dancing, running (yes, in my life running IS an expression), photography, the books I choose to read, the organizations I belong to, coaching, writing to you,'s amazing what self-expression has done for my health.  





Use your voice, girlfriends.  Express yourself.  Time to see and feel and use your magic


Your energy IS a powerful force.



I often say, you need to feel to heal.  

But, today, I want you to believe this --



You must speak to heal.  You must express to heal.   


Awaken your 5th Chakra.   Awaken your thyroid.


Awaken you.






Love Yourself,





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