August 10, 2019

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Embrace the Woo




What is the Woo? Why should you embrace it? 


Let me tell you my story.


Growing up, I had a huge imagination and read books like crazy, but lived within the confines of "very, very normal".  We lived in a very small town in Illinois, my parents were Iowans, we were Catholic, we were Cubs was great but it was very, very normal.  Anything outside of normal was either weird or maybe even wrong.  There was no Woo.


In third grade a new friend moved into town.  They lived at, and her mom ran, the local Girl

Scout Camp which was just down the road from us.  Her family seemed like least that was how my family described them, kindly of course.  I adored my new friend who played outside with complete abandon...finally someone who appreciated my weeping willow crowns and skirts!  My first meal at their home was breakfast.  I hungrily bit into my donut ...barely swallowing the dry, bland, flavorless substance.  I probably hid the rest under a napkin.  Yick!


That was no donut!  It was a bagel!  My FIRST bagel.  This was the late 70's in middle America. That bagel, in it's own unsweetened way, was possibly my first introduction to Woo. (Never mind the crystals in the that time, to me , that bagel was the Woo!)


Life went by and my family expanded our views, experienced new things and all grew more open minds.  I still, of course, saw only doctors with the initials M.D.  There was still very little Woo.  


With age comes wisdom, I believe.  Finally, it took my diagnosis, believe it or not, for me to wholeheartedly search for, try, apply and embrace the Woo.  Funny thing is, I was so, so ready. It was as if my body was craving the Woo!


By now I'm sure you know the Woo, or Woo-woo, is the alternative.  

The Woo is different than me.  

The Woo is immersion into unknown.  

The Woo is seeking help from other modalities.

The Woo is seeking help from change within.

The Woo is listening to messages from my body, from my heart, from my Spirit.

The Woo is speaking out when its not always appreciated, speaking up when it feels scary, speaking my story even though it makes me vulnerable.

The Woo is raising my vibrational frequency.

The Woo is finding my REAL.


I kid you not, I love the Woo so much I'm now like, "The more Woo-Woo the better!  Bring. It. On!".


So, must you embrace the Woo?   Well, I whole-heartedly recommend it.


My advice is to start where you are, wherever you are ready.  Maybe it means joining a yoga class, trying Tai-Chi, supplementing with herbs, or even just using natural cleaning products. Maybe it means seeing a functional medicine doctor, a naturopath, or a functional chiropractor.  Maybe it means art therapy, bellydancing, journaling or acupuncture. Meditation, using essential oils, or reading books from the Spirituality section.  Energy therapy, having your cards read, or joining a drum circle.  


Who knows?  Just be open.  


Not all Woo modalities work for everyone.  One person's Woo is another's normal.  So, choose what you like.  Try it.  Just know that by embracing the