August 10, 2019

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So You Have Hashi's...What Got You Here?


Your doctor diagnosed you with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  


Your head is spinning because you think this sounds scary and you don't know the proper tools to

to manage it.


You may also be feeling relief!  You finally have an answer, or at least partial answer, to your problems!


And maybe you're wondering... "What caused this?  What roads lead me to Hashi's? Could I have prevented it?  Will my kids get it?  How did I ever get on this map?"


Great questions! 


The thing is, when many people, myself included, get diagnosed, we don't ask the proper questions...because we don't know where to start.  But, the answers to these questions can be the keys to helping us get better.  


So here are some questions to ask yourself, to ask your doctor, to ask your family even, so you can try to make sense of the "History of You" that lead to Hashi's and will help lead to your possible remission.




First, please understand this:  Hashimoto's is first an auto-immune disease.  A disease in which "the body attacks itself".  In our case, our bodies "attack" our thyroid.  I'll continue to cover this in future posts, but this is why we need to both address our thyroid function AND our auto-immunity.


All autoimmune diseases (AI) start similarly and are addressed similarly. These causes of AI, and in this case, your Hashi's, can be compared to a three-legged stool with the legs being:


1.  Genetics.  Genes don't automatically mean you will get any disease, they just provide a better opportunity in the perfect storm.  You can't change your genes but you can change the other two.


2.  Environment .  Having been exposed to toxins.  Toxins can be "tangible" -- as in chemicals -- and our chemical exposure is worse now that it's ever been -- or "intangible" -- as in stress.  Stress is a toxin.  Stress from illness or stress from a life event such as pregnancy, death, or divorce -- stress is a toxin to the body.


3.  Leaky Gut.  If you have Hashi's, or most any AI disease, you have Leaky Gut. Quite possibly, if you've already overhauled your diet and are taking excellent care of yourself, you might not have it now.  But, newly diagnosed clients DO have Leaky Gut.


So, if you have these three legs, you have the basis for the Auto-immunity stool.  The good news is, when we remove one of these stool legs, your Auto-immunity tips and falls.  You feel better!






Not with 100% in a perfect world there are things you, your parents, your grandparents even, could have done better.   Don't beat yourself up, or anyone else for that matter!   We don't know what we don't know.  Right?  This is all just good information to know now, and to absolutely use with your children.  


IF you'd have known more about your genes... 


Or IF you hadn't been exposed to mercury fillings, lead from paint, fire retardants, insecticides and pesticides , air pollution, second hand smoke, etc etc...  IF those stressful events like those childhood illnesses treated with antibiotics, or your pregnancy, or divorce/failing marriage, the death of your parent, the job that sucked the life out of you...had never happened or had been handled differently, like more holistically with meditiation, breath work, essential oils, natural cleaning products...


Or IF you hadn't exposed yourself to gluten which weakens and pokes holes in your intestinal lining.  And IF you hadn't possibly fallen for the fat free fad in the 80s and 90s. IF you'd have eaten organic veggies regularly, and not lived on Diet Coke, Special K, and Twizzlers, like I did, or a lot of processed foods.. then yes, you might have prevented your Hashi's.


If you have kids, teach them NOW how to live a holistic life.  One day they'll appreciate it.  





Many doctors will give you thyroid hormone and tell you that's all there is.


I'm here to tell you -- not true!  (like for 90% of you) 


Prescription thyroid meds like Synthroid and Levoxyl are T4 only medications.  T4 is the thyroid's INACTIVE hormone.  Managing your Hashi's is not just about T4.   


It's about converting that T4 to the ACTIVE hormone T3.  


It's about utilizing that T3 with proper nutrition.  It's about healing Leaky Gut to reduce antibodies.  


It's about reducing environmental toxins to relieve your liver.   


It's about reducing stress to help control other hormonal cascades that include your sex and adrenal hormones. 


It's about finding movement that feels best and allowing opportunities that inspire.


It's about igniting your throat chakra by speaking up for yourself and being true to who you are meant to be.  


It's about living a holistic lifestyle.






OK...breathe!  I know, I can get pretty fired up about this stuff.  But, this, my girlfriend, my Hashimama, is why I am here.  I'll help you know what to do, holistically.  And yes, you can change your trajectory.  


You're not at a crossroads, you're at your turning point.  Let Hashi's be your turning point.


Hashi's is about a lot of things.  But the best part is, through the process of discovering what works for you, you find your best you.  And put yourself on a trajectory better than before.  



Love Yourself,












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