August 10, 2019

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Why Don't WE Think Like Graduates?

This was my most recent newsletter.  Thought I'd share it here. 



I'm coming back from two very good weekends and this most recent was the celebrations of TWO graduations for my daughters #2(High School) and #3(Middle School).  We figured out my family will have a graduation every two years from 2017 - 2023.  Then a 4 year gap when my youngest enters college.  Lots of celebrations AND heartstrings PULLED for this mama!

As I dropped my graduating Senior off at her school yesterday, I wasn't crying because I've shed my tears already over these last few weeks. Yet, as I watched some boys I did not even know walk to school in their ties and a few crazy patterned shirts, I BURST into tears!  What was UP?  I realized, just looking at them, knowing they were graduates, I saw so much HOPE and anticipation for the FUTURE.  

The thoughts are always around, "What will you do NEXT?"  This is a question that will be asked of my kids over the next eight years.  So much hope.  So many dreams.  So much potential.  So many possibilities.

What about YOU?  For some reason, once we have the job, the house, the career, the marriage, the family — people stop asking, right?  WE even stop asking.  THIS becomes who we are, what we do.  And then what?  No more potential?  No more possibilities?

And what if we are "chronically ill"? ( Man I detest those words.)  What then?  Do we stop doing and planning and creating?  THIS is our lot in life?

I say no!  Just because we are adults, many of us in our 40's, doesn't mean THIS is what we will always BE.  We always have potential.  We can always re-create and dream bigger.  Dream differently.  There are always more possibilities.  Even if we are older.  Even if we have Hashi's.  An antidote to disease IS staying future focused.  Seeing what's possible.  Believing there is always more and different and new.

We ALWAYS have the opportunity to become.  

My father, who consults with family businesses, always tells the retiring generation -- "You need to retire TO something not FROM something."  Have a plan.

WE don't have to be GRADUATING (or retiring) to plan for a different future.  There are so many years ahead!   Why aren't we ALWAYS thinking like graduates?  What stops US from looking to the future with anticipation and creativity?   Who says THIS is the way things should always be?

We can create a new chapter NOW. 

I'm not saying not to appreciate where we are now, of course enjoy the present.  But we can always be looking to the future and creating new possibilities.  That's what it means to live a full life right?  To EVOLVE.  And you can do it even if you have Hashi's.  I'm doing it.  I help my clients do it every single week. 

Each weekly session, we don't JUST focus on how they feel today, or what happened yesterday, or what limiting beliefs are holding them back, even keeping them sick — we ALSO discover what is missing, where can they fit MORE in, what is going to ignite them for the rest of the year?  Or five years.  What are THEIR hopes and DREAMS?  

Something to niggle on.  (That's a Jenn-ism, I ask my clients to niggle on things...I'm not even sure if it's a word but it seems every week SOMETHING comes up that clients need to unravel, find the meaning behind.  And something new always gets discovered.  They just needed permission to think about it.)

So I guess I'll sign off with this.  Just because you're settled doesn't mean to settle.  And just because you have ideas and dreams doesn't mean you are unhappy now.  Just because you want MORE or DIFFERENT doesn't make you unappreciative of today.  And just because you've been sick and fatigued doesn't mean this is the way it will always be.  I'm giving you permission to re-create, to live in addition to, to keep becoming.  

Your new chapter doesn't need a grand event to begin.  It can begin today.  And if you feel you need someone to help you niggle on it -- contact me.  I'm here just waiting with anticipation about your new future.  

Here's to never-ending Hopes & Dreams!

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