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What leads me to work with you?

"When I trained to become a coach, I practiced my coaching skills on other coaches and, in return, I got coached myself.  My life energetically changed, from coaching. This is why I want to share my transformational process with you.  It's just that good."  

                       --Jenn Krusinski

Can you see yourself in me?  Do I resonate with you?  My question is, what is it about YOU that leads me to work with you?  Ok, I'll go first.  


MY STORY, in a nutshell:















Here's my full story in a not-so-small nutshell:


I don't know when it started.  I suppose I could go back to living on Diet Cokes, pretzels and Twizzlers, and, of course, The Pill, in my early twenties.  Or further back to college when I tried to binge, purge and starve my way through school.  


None of it made me skinny I tell you.  I was never fat to begin with, but having dieted since age 12...I didn't exactly have a true picture of what I looked like, or who I was for that matter.  


I had all sorts of digestive issues as a kid, BUT, that was so long ago and lots happened in between. Let's get to the part that defined my quest to be healthy.  The part that lead me to YOU.


Age 30, my hubby and I were two kids into our life together.  Two beautiful daughters under three -- sweet, amazing girlies.  But, at some point it just hit me, I was so, incredibly, numbingly tired.  


Or was I sad?  Did other moms feel like this?  I struggled to play with my girls -- but I did, I just collapsed into bed, or on the couch, nightly.  My temper was too quick. (Hubby sat me down asking why I felt I needed to yell so much. Ohhhhhh, the tears!)  I started waking up at night to get things done.  (This lasted for 12 years.)  


I faked my energy, faked my smiles.  I remember taking my youngest to preschool, looking like a cute, has-it-all-together-mom, but I was hiding behind my dark sunglasses that covered up my puffy, red, tear stained eyes. I'd come home, crawl under covers, set my alarm so I wouldn't miss pick-up.  I was faking my life.


I saw my Dr.Gyno, whom I adored, and she prescribed an antidepressant for post-partum. Of course I took it.  I couldn't live like this forever.  I wanted to be a good mom and a fun wife.  I wanted to be a volunteer extraordinaire and be extemely fit and, oh I don't know...possibly make a difference in this world?  


Things improved.  Not my sleep.  I knew I was still off, but we charged ahead and BAM! baby number three.  


Of course we wanted her, that precious baby girl three we'd planned to have despite my previous miscarriage.  Dear Gyno told me to stay on the meds, if they were working they wouldn't harm the baby.  (Umm, really?  O-kaaay)  


The problem was, I felt unrecognizeable.  I didn't know IF I felt better, because I couldn't remember what better was anymore.  


Age 36, the baby weight didn't just melt away like before.  I guessed I was getting old.  But there was still sometimes crushing fatigue.  Sadness I could not shake.  Fogginess and angst -- just an overwhelming feeling of un-ease.


Girlfriends called to see if I was "ready to come out of my cave", again.  They called it "Jenn's going dark".  My eyebrows had thinned, my hair was falling out. Never mind the gut issues I'd had since I was a kid...now getting doubled-over worse.  


What the heck?  I'd always been a happy, joyful person.  Yes, there were situations in my life that caused stress and struggle. But THIS WAS NOT ME!


Enter Doctor Generic.  I approached him about my thyroid.  He smiled, apologeticly.  His words from my memory,


"Jenn, you're approaching 40.  You're putting on a little weight, maybe cut back on snacking a bit. Try to get more sleep.  Exercise a little more... "(Seriously?  I could have trounced this guy in spin class!  I was working my ass off with no results but pure exhaustion.) "Your Thyroid panel is NORMAL.  This is what happens when you get older."  


WHAAAAT??  THIS is what the next 60+ years would feel like?  


Are you getting my picture?  Fast forward.  Saw an Endocrinologist, my Angel Doctor, who called "B.S." on Dr. Generic, and told me I had 60% of a working thyroid, have Hashimoto's (Autoimmune Thyroiditis), and would need meds the rest of my life.  After several rounds of med dosing, and losing another 20% of my thyroid "mechanics", I was finally "on-track". Then...we moved.

Everything.  And I mean EV-ER-Y-THING, sister. 


You are a woman.  You are a mom.  You have a big life in front of you and you want to shine...but where did you go?  


What happened to the confidence, vibrancy, the joy, the spark?  What's up with these symptoms you don't understand?  Why won't anyone figure it out? 


Let me be the first to tell you, this is NOT "just being a mom".  It is NOT "just getting older".  Your symptoms are NOT unexplainable OR unmanageable.  And, your diagnosis?  It's not the end of life as you know it.  


Everything is a message telling you, it's time.  Time for a change.  Time for YOU.  


THIS, is the beginning...of a new you...really and truly.   


Just BEING here, is the first step.  Doesn't that feel good?


Are you a Hashimama, like me?  Or maybe you're the ME before my diagnosis -- confused and annoyed by symptoms, physical or emotional, that you just don't understand?  


Or, maybe your physical health is ok -- it could use some improvement, yes --  but emotionally, spiritually, you are lost...feeling a bit broken? 


YOU, are a woman who just wants to feel good again, right?  Can you remember what good feels like? Looks like?  Let me help you.  


Eat. Live. Be. Real.  is for you.  Come here to talk, to learn, to dive in.  And I mean deeply, sister. I'll lead you.  


Together, we'll figure out where you got lost, what's holding you back, why you can't seem to follow-through; what lead to the weight gain, loss of energy, insomnia, brain fog, digestive issues, and, dare I say -- sadness.  You're in charge of your life and who you are meant to become, when you choose Real.


You don't have to be falling apart like I was once (and sometimes still do when I'm not mindful!) to benefit. You may be feeling worse than I ever did, and you're scared.  Whoever you are, sister-mama, we got this.  


No matter who you are or what your symptoms are, we start where you are right now.  


I'd be honored to be your Health Coach.  So, let's get you nourished from the inside out.  In the words of Martha Beck, "Shackles off!", Girlfriend.  Start living on purpose, not just by a schedule.  Let's get REAL.



Love Yourself Quote


"And the time came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."


-- Anais Nin


Believe me I tried to find a doctor here.  The last straw was Dr. "A_ _" who said, "Your numbers are normal," (I already knew they were BETTER since I'd started to eat differently, but I'd done my research -- normal does not equal OPTIMAL) "and you don't have Hashimoto's," (wait, he didn't even test for antibodies!) "but if you want meds I'll still write a prescription." ..say what???...I took matters 100% into my own hands.


With research and trial and error.  With more

cooking and real food shopping.  With exercising to lift my spirit, not exhaust my adrenals.  With proper blood testing which zeroed in on my root causes. With self-care and self-love I'd never allowed myself to have before.  With a new perspective  -- I got back to feelin' good.  


I healed my gut.  I am managing my Hashimoto's. My family eats healthier than ever.  And, I went

back to school.  I knew I wanted to help other women so it wouldn't take them...YOU... 10+ years to figure it out.

The icing on the cake?  All the coaching I received in becoming a coach...it was amazing.  I not only found how to heal through food -- manage my Hashis, find my "happy weight', eat for energy, manage my moods --   I also realized in order to FULLY heal, I had to FEEL.  In order to become this person I was meant to be...I had to allow her, listen to her, forgive her, have compassion for her, respect her, speak up for her, and just Be Real.  


I am a:

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach,

  • FPL Certified Thyroid Coach, and a

  • Master Transformational Coaching Method Coach.  

My education combines the

  • science of Functional Nutrition,

  • with the psychology of eating,

  • and the practice of tapping into the Spiritual energy that is within all of us.

Together, they provide the tools, that I share with you,

for lasting, inspiring, amazingly beautiful change.

My Holistic Health Coaching background includes certifications and courses with:

The Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Mastering Thyroid Imbalance Certification 

FPL Certified Thyroid Coach

The Health Coach Institute

Certified Master Coach: Transformational Coaching Method 

Holistic Nutrition Labs: Full Body Systems A functional approach to the physiology of nutrition with Andrea Nakayama

Love Yourself Quote

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."

-- Glinda, Wizard of Oz 

Yes, this is ME, in my happy place,

crooked sunglasses and all! 

I was depressed, with bent over gut aches, acne, eczema, rosacea, major freaking fatigue, brain fog and I didn't sleep through the night for 12 years.  I forgot who I was and

I forgot what feeling good felt like.  

I  was mis-diagnosed, then properly diagnosed, with Hashimoto's.

It took years to find answers.  But I did find them.  

I found the keys to nourishing my body and my spirit.  Now?  I'm thrilled to be a Holistic Health Coach helping women like you, every day, realize their full health potential and become the amazing women/moms/Hashimamas  they are

meant to BE.  (psst your spirit is the key!)


I help women like you, who are moms, get back to WHO THEY ARE MEANT TO BE.  By eating real with a mostly plant-based, whole foods approach AND -- just as, if not MORE, importantly -- through the practice of living and being real.

(hint: mindset + inspired action!)


By diving in deep with me, we uncover what blocks you, holds you back, or is missing.  


I'm not a meal-plan-diet coach.  Yes, we do food...but we do So. Much. More.


We get to the heart of the matter, YOUR heart my dear.  

And when that heart breaks open, it doesn't hurt, it FLOWS.  

And you can fall in love with ALL that you are.

 The REAL you.

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